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1. Here are 2 articles with questions. Please be able answer the questions in class.

Angelina Jolie -- New York Times

Dr. Deborah Lindner -- 33 Years Old, Double Mastectomy

2. Here is a video about Jolie and Dr. Lindner.

Dr. Linder Reacts to Angelina Jolie

3. There will be a quiz from the articles.

4. Here is the powerpoint summary.

Angelia Jolie & Dr. Lindner


5. Thought Questions:

  >If you (or someone you cared about) had relatives with breast cancer, would you get tested?

   >If had the BRCA gene what would you do? ...For men, for someone you cared about what do you want them to do?

   >From your viewpoint, what is the emotional meaning of female breasts? 

 If you have any questions, please email me at <forjohnino@gmail.com>

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