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1. Here are 4 new articles & an article from last week with new questions.
> Religious Stakeholders: 

Against Assisted Suicide: Pope Francis

For Assisted Suicide: Archbishop of Canterbury

For Assisted Suicide: Desmond Tutu

 >Doctor Stakeholders

For Assisted Suicide: Duke Med School Doctor

Against Assisted Suicide: Last Week's Article with New Questions

3. There will be a quiz from the articles.

4. Here is a link to UC Berkeley professor's cognitive-liguistic analysis of Trump's appeal.

Scroll to Aug 2: How Trump's Language Effects our Brain

5. Here is the powerpoint.

3 Slide Powerpoint


5. Thought Questions:

   >If you were a Christian church leader what would you do?

   >If you were a doctor in Japan, what would you do? 

 If you have any questions, please email me at <forjohnino@gmail.com>

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